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PF-MM-06CoryPF-MM-05 CoryMarcel and Me cover300The Greatest Mime of All Time

This is the memoir of a 35-year-old divorcée who encountered Marcel Marceau, a seasoned super-star backstage and accepted his invitation to join him on a one-week blind date, which led to a decades-long liaison of love, lust, and illusion.

The twist of a smile, the raise of an eyebrow, the flick of a wrist – using only body language and facial expressions, Marcel Marceau created an imaginary world that was not only vast, but also needed no language to articulate or comprehend.

When he walked onto the stage, he embodied the sum total of his life’s experiences: profound perception, the richness of European culture, World War II and Auschwitz. In complete silence, Marceau mirrored, with grace, humor, poignancy, and eloquence, the polarities with which we live and suffer and are recognizable to audiences of all ages in all places.

Author/artist Paulette Frankl portrays the world’s greatest mime with honesty, intimacy, wit, and grit in a language that speaks from the heart.

Click on the link below to view an interview about Paulette Frankl’s new book, Marcel & Me: A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion: 


Marcel and Me — Paulette Frankl from Pazona Productions on Vimeo.



Marcel & Me Brief Intro with Paulette Frankl from Jim Snowden on Vimeo.


paulette-quote“Marcel must have known you were a writer who someday would pen an exquisite book about him. No one in the world other than you could have captured him like this. This book just carries you forward with hilarious, brilliant, incandescent writing!”

—Ann Yeomans, Archetypal Therapist